The Austrak team offers expertise in property finance, development, consulting, design, construction and delivery of large scale manufacturing and industrial projects with critical construction programs. Austrak’s ability to partner clients with total logistics solutions goes far beyond a stand alone property developer, logistics operator and or consultant.

Longevity of client relations, our ultimate goal.

The Austrak mandate:

  • Develop solid partnerships with our clients and provide services that deliver measurable and exclusive advantages.
  • Develop and facilitate infrastructure, materials handling and logistics improvements that add value to Business Park client’s operations.
  • Maintain our collective technological and commercial edge.
  • Monitoring of client needs.
  • Adapt to changes in client business requirements and provide flexible solutions.

The ownership and development of the Austrak Business Park (Somerton, Victoria) is a joint venture between Austrak AFM, a leading developer of industrial estates and General Property Trust (GPT), Australia's premier diversified property trust with assets over $5billion, listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).

The join venture leverages from the combined capabilities of each partner to ensure that key client outcomes are achieved. The Austrak / GPT join venture has a proven development capacity and capability. Individually and collectively, Austrak and GPT have exceptional skills and experience in property and infrastructure development.

The joint venture ownership structure provides a solid financial position to deliver a completed product to our clients. We have completed fully funded projects on the site ranging from 16,000m2 to 75,000m2 and as such, currently have no financial restrictions in delivering the proposed 6,000m2 facility.