Somerton Business Park, Victoria

Environmentally Responsible Logistics

Increasing community concern regarding environmental and social impacts of consumer products is generating political pressure and driving industry to incorporate these considerations into investment decisions.

Leading the way

Responding to these concerns the Victorian government has set a target that “the proportion of freight transported to and from the ports by rail will increase from 10 per cent to 30 per cent by 2010” – A Vision for Victoria to 2010 and Beyond. A move by CML to establish a rail connected facility at Somerton and use rail for import freight would be applauded by the state government as a positive initiative by a major importer. This would generate a favourable image to a community who are increasingly concerned regarding environmental and social impacts of global supply chains.

Increasing freight volumes, congestion and community concerns regarding greenhouse gasses and other environmental impacts are driving a trend for companies to increasingly consider moving to rail. Austrak and POTA have combined forces at Somerton to develop an efficient solution providing companies with the flexibility to consider use of rail or road in response to business needs.

Local Advantages and Amenity

The Somerton facility brings a range of other features that provide an attractive and convenient work environment for staff. It is envisaged that when fully developed Austrak Business Park will create in excess of 1000 permanent employment opportunities.

Roxburgh Park railway station and bus interchange

The Somerton facility is approximately a 5-minute walk of the proposed Roxburgh Park Railway Station and Bus Interchange. These excellent public transport links provide convenient access to the site for a wide catchment of skilled and semi skilled labour from the developing suburbs of Craigieburn and regional areas further north through to inner Melbourne. The Roxburgh Park railway station provides ideal access for employees with reduced mobility.

Roxburgh Park shopping precinct

Conveniently located close to Roxburgh Park Shopping Centre employees will have ready access to a range of shopping facilities, banking and community services provided at this centre. In addition to the shopping centre, Somerton Road west of the rail, has quality facilities including bulky goods, car sales, homewares, hotel and food outlets within walking distance. The proximity to these amenities will assist in attracting and retaining a stable workforce.

Proximity to Melbourne Airport

Approximately 15 minutes drive of Melbourne Airport the Somerton site provides quick and convenient access for interstate visitors and managers.

Kangan Batman TAFE

The nearby Kangan Batman TAFE provides industry designed and nationally accredited vocational training courses specialling in transport and distribution, forklift and workplace operations, logistics management and warehouse operations. This provides both a local source of trained and qualified employees and training facilities to further develop existing employees.