Somerton Business Park, Victoria

Site Plan & Areas Available

The Austrak Business Park is concordant with the State and Federal Government’s National Land Transport Strategy (Auslink White Paper 2004) of private sector investment in inland ports increasing the level of rail mode share into and from our ports.

Key features of the Austrak Business Park are as follows:

Services Available;

  • Power (Secure Private Network)
  • Telephone & Fibre Optic
  • Natural Gas
  • Sewerage
  • Water

Road Access ;

  • ‘B’ Double route from the Hume Hwy and Somerton Road

Austrak MMFT;

  • Standard & broad gauge rail access
  • Rail and container services

Austrak Business Park has been the subject of two environmental audits carried out by Peter J Ramsay and Associates. The first was conducted in March, 2003 and the second in March, 2005. Both audit reports concluded that there is no evidence of contamination on the estate and; "The results of the environmental appraisal indicate that the site is suitable for an unrestricted industrial use"
These reports are available upon request.

There are no known flora and fauna issues associated with the site.
There are no native title claim entries over the site.
There are no heritage issues associated with the site.

For current listings of areas available please contact us